Young Adult Sangha

Deepening spiritual community for SRF/YSS Young Adults around the world. 

The quest for spiritual community 

The quest among spiritually minded young adults to experience community has led to numerous informal gatherings of SRF members around the world.

Yogananda Seva will assist in forming a community of young adults whose mission is to help each other to enhance and strengthen their daily meditation practices and to live more uplifting and noble lives.

To accomplish this the Young Adult Sangha will organize and hold regular digital forums and events balanced with regular in-person gatherings at inspiring venues.

Stay in touch to attend our next online event!

We were thrilled to meet SRF/YSS young adults from around the world in our first ever YSO Young Adult Sangha online event which was held on Sunday, May 24.  Stay tuned for our next event!

Count Me In!

Sign up at Yogananda Seva and tick the box “Count me in for the Young Adult Sangha”

You will receive an invitation to join the conversation and share your ideas about this young adult community.