Elder Forum

“One should spend the last part of life in meditating deeply most of the time; and, through the wisdom and spirituality thus acquired, in rendering social and spiritual service to others.”

-Paramahansa Yogananda

Supporting elder devotees

The Elder Forum program seeks to develop programs and strategies that help meet the needs of devotees of retirement age.  It also seeks to support devotees around the world in developing their own plans and projects in their communities.


The vanaprastha stage of life

According to the rishis of Vedic times in ancient India, there are four stages or ashramas of life. The third stage is vanaprastha—retirement or contemplation—and comes after the householder stage. At around 50+ years, many devotees begin stepping back from outer activities to focus more deeply on their spiritual life. To serve this community, the Elder Forum will facilitate dialogue, networking, support, and shared learning. 

Inspired to Volunteer?

Register on the Volunteer Portal, then look for service opportunities that kindle your interest.

man pushing woman in wheelchair

In development

The Elder Forum Design Team has held small focus groups around the world to build a sense of community and discover what is most important to this age group. The team is using this information to develop a survey that will go out to a much wider audience. Look for the survey in 2021.

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