Devotee Travel Connection

Bringing Paramahansa Yogananda’s spiritual family closer together by providing SRF/YSS members with the opportunity to book short-term accommodations with other devotees worldwide.

The guest is God

Imagine an international network of accommodations permeated with love, where guests and hosts treat one another and the property with respect and reverence, aligned with the spiritual and humanitarian values of Paramahansa Yogananda. This vision of connecting devotees through a peer-to-peer online accommodations platform is being explored by volunteers in the Devotee Travel Connection program.

Ready to help bring this vision to life?

In order to explore building this online travel platform, we need SRF/YSS volunteers with a wide range of backgrounds and skills to contribute to its development, from legal counsel to application developers, business strategists, market researchers – and many more. 

Please visit the SRF/YSS Volunteer Portal to view service opportunities with Devotee Travel Connection.

Help us understand the travel needs of our worldwide community

Are you interested in travel? Are you someone who already hosts guests on your property? You’re invited to help shape the direction of this program by participating in surveys or focus groups that help us understand the needs of our worldwide devotee community.

Join us as a thought partner and share your experiences, thoughts, and requests with us.

Do you have a general interest in Devotee Travel Connection?

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