Lay Disciple Intentional Communities Forum

“A nation is built of small communities, and they are built of individuals. The right ideals must begin with the individuals; and you must begin with yourself.”
-Paramahansa Yogananda

Supporting the manifestation of devotee communities 

Welcome! We are devotees interested in developing or joining SRF-based intentional communities.

The mission of the Lay Disciple Intentional Communities (LDIC) Forum is to aid and serve devotees who wish to manifest Paramahansa Yogananda’s vision of Self-Realization Fellowship disciples living the aims and ideals of plain living and high thinking in a community setting.

What is the LDIC Forum?

Lay Disciple Intentional Communities (LDIC) Forum is a resource center, incubator for ideas, networking environment, and place of dialogue for SRF/YSS devotees interested in developing intentional living communities grounded in aims and ideals of Self-Realization Fellowship.

The LDIC is a resource and learning community and does not operate any intentional communities. We are not recommending that devotees join, purchase property, or invest in any particular community. We recommend that anyone considering joining or investing in a community consider all aspects thoroughly. We invite you to explore this website, including the calendar, for upcoming workshops and discussion forums covering a myriad of topics regarding intentional communities.

Want to Get Involved?

First register on the SRF/YSS Volunteer Portal, then look for service opportunities that inspire you.

Consider offering a financial contribution to support the growth of this program.

Workshop Topics in Development

Communication Skills for Community Living
Community Vision and Mission Statements
Creating a Healthy Community
Building a Community Spiritual Life
Community Governance: Consensus vs. Democracy
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