Jim Ballard

Humility in Service

The rains of God’s mercy cannot gather on mountaintopsof pride, but flow easily into valleys of humbleness. —Paramahansa Yogananda Humility by its nature does not invite attention, but seeks the lowliest place. When Master speaks of returning to earth to visit, he says, “I will sit in the back. I will know them, but they …

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What is Yogananda Seva (YSO)?

Yogananda Seva (YSO) is a new opportunity, never before offered in this way in the 100-year history of Self-Realization Fellowship, for lay disciples of Paramahansa Yogananda to offer their unique skills and experience to further their Guru’s work no matter their location or circumstance. This international community of SRF and YSS members, dedicated to the …

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YSO Collage

East and West United in Service and Sadhana During SRF’s 24-Hour Meditation

The dates of June 20-21, 2020 marked a historic event for SRF/YSS: it was the first time the society had conducted an online event of such length and magnitude. The remarkable 24-hour online meditation, led entirely by monastics, united SRF and YSS as never before. It also symbolized one of the ways in which Yogananda …

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Online Meditation

Guru Seva and Sadhana

Life should be chiefly service. Without that ideal, the intelligencethat God has given you is not reaching out toward its goal. When inservice you forget the little self, you will feel the big Self of Spirit. – Paramahansa Yogananda Again and again the Master has told us that the purpose of life is to find …

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Monastic-led Online Meditations

An inspiring feature of Self-Realization magazine is “Letters to Self-Realization Fellowship”, in which devotees share the transforming blessings brought to their lives by the Master’s touch. Some speak of the benefits of the SRF Lessons, others of the Guru’s books or the Self-Realization magazine, or of attendance at retreats or Convocations. And some writers from …

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Monastic Led Meditation Online