The heart of Yogananda Seva is providing members around the world with greater opportunity to use their talents, dedication and energy to serve our Guru’s SRF/YSS work and worldwide spiritual family.

“I will feel for others as I feel for myself. I will work out my own salvation by serving my fellowman.”

– Paramahansa Yogananda

Volunteer Opportunities

Many willing hearts and hands are needed to grow this global endeavor. Thankfully, by using the latest digital technologies, people from all around the world can join together to serve without ever leaving their homes.
We invite you to look at the list below of service opportunities with current and future projects. Over time, there will be many additions to this list. If you are interested in volunteering, please sign up to receive more information and updates as they become available.
Online Meditation Leaders

We are onboarding new meditation leaders for the SRF Online Meditation Center services. Contact us if you’ve led meditations at an SRF or YSS meditation group, circle, or center.

Online Service Support Person

Inspired by the the virtual service format? Consider learning how to run them. We’ll train you on how to do it.

Social Media Team

Calling social media experts! We’re forming a team to power up Seva League’s presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Global Translation Team

We want devotees from around the world to be able to use our website. Join our translation team if you’re fluent in English plus any other language so our friends in non-English speaking lands can participate.

Writers, Bloggers, Storytellers

We want to share stories of how Guru-seva inspires and transforms. You’re invited to submit your story or join our team of writers to help others share theirs.

Fundraising and Development Team

Yogananda Seva will be self-sustaining, and will also contribute financial support to projects spearheaded by SRF. Let’s talk if you have experience with fundraising.

Photographers Wanted

A picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s why we need a team of photographers to keep the images fresh and inspiring on the website. Let us know if you want to join our team.

Collaborator Network

We’ll soon launch our volunteer portal where you can share your talents and look for opportunities to become more involved.

Become a Volunteer

Sign up to learn more about volunteer opportunities and receive notice when the new volunteer portal launches. 

Under Construction: A Volunteer Network Portal

One of the goals of Yogananda Seva is to grow a community of collaborators who offer their talents, experience, wisdom, and energy to this uplifting endeavor.
For those interested in offering their services, we will soon launch a volunteer portal where you can share a brief description of your professional skills and experience in serving, and tell us what type of volunteer activities interest you.