Vision, Mission & Goals


Yogananda Seva offers the global family of SRF/YSS devotees an enhanced sense of spiritual community and opportunities to integrate into their spiritual lives the sacred ideal of guru-seva. Those who have experienced the blessings of such service know how truly life-transforming it can be.

Mission Statement

To support the work of Self-Realization Fellowship/Yogoda Satsanga Society of India by:

Providing service opportunities for SRF/YSS lay members to contribute their time and professional expertise in a variety of ways that benefit our Guru’s work and ideals
Undertaking a wide range of projects that benefit the worldwide SRF/YSS lay member community (with SRF’s approval but operationally independent of SRF/YSS)
Forming teams of skilled professionals, as requested by SRF/YSS leadership, to assist with various goals and projects for the organization
Fundraising, as necessary, to support the activities of the Seva League, as well as to help fund large projects at SRF/YSS


  • To engage the global SRF/YSS lay community in all aspects of this initiative
  • To provide programs and services to Yogananda’s worldwide family that SRF/YSS are currently not in a position to undertake
  • To support and collaborate with SRF/YSS across a variety of programs
  • To generate and provide financial and other resources that support SRF/YSS’ mission
  • To develop a community of collaborators who can offer their talents, experience, wisdom, and energy in support of SRF/YSS work, mission, and ideals