Systems Administrator

Number of opportunities: 1
Time required: 40 hours per week; full time contract-to-hire position
Apply By: July 4, 2021

Job Description:

Yogananda Seva, a California-based religious nonprofit services organization, is seeking a Systems Administrator to support Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 Enterprise and other services within the technology stack for a growing volunteer user base currently numbering in the hundreds and projected to number in the thousands. This role will focus on security processes and collaborate on user administration and access.

With a large and growing base of volunteers supporting the work of Paramahansa Yogananda and his organization Self-Realization Fellowship, the need for managing this expanding volunteer base is critical.

The successful candidate will be in integrity with the guiding principles of Yogananda Seva; embrace a strong motivation for optimizing user experience while sustaining security best-practices; include a capacity for leveraging technology to improve operational efficiency; and possess a clear understanding of the Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 environments.  Optimal candidates will have cybersecurity knowledge in Authentication, Authorization & Accountability, as well as Web & Mobile Security, and experience with user management and access in Google Workspace and/or Microsoft 365 Enterprise.

While our staff is located throughout the world, normal business activity hours will center around the western United States time zones.

As a religious services provider and a public-facing presentation entity of Self-Realization Fellowship, we at Yogananda Seva strive to imbue every day, every relationship, and every interaction with the highest ideals and behaviors of mutual respect, courtesy, and consideration and inclusion of all, and we hold our employees and volunteers to these ideals.

Essential Functions:


  • Maintenance of the security groups and role-based authorization.
  • License management for a changing-users base of volunteers.
  • Ongoing configuration and design work for platform optimization.
  • Coordinate volunteers who adopt transactional activities within the larger systems administration scope.


  • Review of security settings, rules and alerts for various platforms and tools within the tech stack.
  • Managing and executing security processes (i.e., security documentation, SOPs and data governance).
  • Ongoing liaison with cybersecurity contractor(s).

Experience / Skills Required:

  • Practiced in relationship building and collaborative communication.
  • Motivation and capacity for regular, consistent and detailed review of user access for appropriateness, accuracy and security.
  • Ability to convey competence of the core functions of systems administration or similar role; typically a minimum of 3 years’ experience.
  • Ability to audit changes in systems and clearly document changes for others to audit.

Experience / Skills Preferred:

  • Experience with Google Workspace for Nonprofit, Microsoft 365 Enterprise and enterprise CRM systems (such as SFDC, Microsoft Dynamics).