Digital Projects Manager for Translations

Number of opportunities: 1
Time required: 40 hours per week; full time salaried position
Apply By: April 30, 2021


Job Description:

Yogananda Seva, a California-based religious nonprofit services organization, is seeking a Digital Projects Manager for our new Translations Department. This department employs a small number of paid employees and a large international staff of volunteer translators, all busily involved in coordinating and translating the writings of Self-Realization Fellowship’s (SRF) founder, Paramahansa Yogananda, and his immediate disciples.

With worldwide interest in the meditation techniques and how-to-live lessons taught by Paramahansa Yogananda and promulgated by SRF growing exponentially, the need for expanding our virtual community of translators is critical.

The successful candidate will possess excellent information technologies and virtual workforce facilitation skills and experience, with additional experience in international communications and language translations. Experience with nonprofit organizations is desirable. Excellent professional verbal and written English skills are required; possession of those skills in second languages is desirable. While our Translations staff is located throughout the world, normal business activity hours will center around the western United States time zones. Priority will be given to candidates either living in the southern California area or willing to relocate.

As a religious services provider and a public-facing presentation entity of Self-Realization Fellowship, we at Yogananda Seva strive to imbue every day, every relationship, and every interaction with the highest ideals and behaviors of mutual respect, courtesy, and consideration and inclusion of all, and we hold our employees and volunteers to these ideals.


Essential Functions:

Software Technician:

  • Work across technology systems and operations.
  • Organize stakeholder requirements into project briefs.
  • Select appropriate techniques for the elicitation of requirements, define scope and operational priorities.
  • Research and analyze software systems for adherence to project objectives, liaison with internal and external clients and identify options for potential solutions.
  • Assess both technical and operational suitability

System Administration: 

  • Administration of software tools and platforms.
  • Develop onboarding and administration procedures and documentation.
  • Train personnel, enforce policies, automate tasks, respond to service interruptions, identify and understand underlying causes of any incidents.

Projects Management: 

  • Assist Translations Services management team in the high-level coordination of multiple translation projects.
  • Maintain oversight of multiple volunteer translation teams’ progress towards completing specific project objectives.

Manage the digital library of active translation projects, consisting of:

  • Planning and organizing translations content drives, folders and files.
  • Advising translations services managers and coordinators concerning digital operations and applications related to achieving overall program and project goals and any relevant day-to-day operational needs or risks (scheduling, hardware/software needs and failures, etc.).
  • Coordinating levels of access for translations staff and volunteers, appropriate for designated projects.
  • Managing security protocols for translations services staff and volunteers.
  • Providing regularly scheduled reports, analyzing digital capacity and identifying risks.

Establish, maintain, and assess overall translation production workflow:

  • Assess and optimize operational workflow of translations project teams.
  • Ensure effective operations for translations coordination staff in the creation, manipulation and use of digitized contents, software, and digital files.
  • Provide technical training and generally assist the coordination of training and technical support operations.

Supervise Translations project teams

  • Prioritize and assign projects to select translations teams and monitor productivity.
  • Communicate status of projects in progress.

Experience / Skills Required:

  • Bachelor’s degree and five years of related experience using various translation management applications and platforms.
  • Advanced digital technical expertise and knowledge of technical systems, applications, and practices.
  • Experience with general strategic planning and operational decision making processes.
  • Ability to identify and respond to new and emerging strategic issues impacting the digital operating environment.
  • Familiarity with digital security protocols and practices and remote workforce applications.

Experience / Skills Preferred:

  • Experience coordinating overall program workflow and productivity.
  • Experience with Agile and Scrum Projects management methods.
  • Effective oral and written communication skills.