Devotee altar

The Gift of Guru Seva

What is guru-seva?  It is “selfless service to one’s guru as a form of meditative activity.”

Last year, Brother Chidananda, President of Self-Realization Fellowship/Yogoda Satsanga Society of India (SRF/YSS) said he prayed that monastic and lay volunteers make it a priority “to tap more into the vast pool of wisdom and ability and devotion and dedication that exists in our Guru’s worldwide family of lay members of SRF and YSS.”  Yogananda Seva is one inspiring manifestation of this prayer.

And we’re already serving!

Across the world, Yogananda Seva volunteers are laying literal and figurative petals at our Guru’s feet by engaging in guru-seva in our own unique ways.  And we’re learning that guru-seva has a special meaning to each of us that is as personal as our relationship with our Guru.


Ashwath in Ireland, who serves as an usher for the SRF Online Meditation Center says,

“For me, guru-seva means to serve more and more. Guru-seva is the worship of God. I am inspired by one of the ancient Sanskrit sayings which affirms that nothing can be more significant than to serve Guruji in his divine mission. Guru-seva is a process of purification for me and a way to be grateful to Guruji for his blessings on us.”

Devotee with daughter

SRF Online Meditation Center Service Leader Alberto in Uruguay, who leads Spanish language meditations, describes what “guru-seva” means to him by saying,

“Para mi, tener esta oportunidad de poder servir a nuestro Amado Gurú es un motivo de infinita alegría. Él está tan presente en mi vida, llenándola de bendiciones… y esta es una más, que llega directo al corazón. Por lo tanto me lleno de gratitud hacia todos los devotos que han hecho esto posible y deseo que podamos reunirnos en espíritu a los pies del Gurú.”

(“For me, having this opportunity to serve our Beloved Guru is a reason for infinite joy.  He is so present in my life, filling it with blessings… and this is one more, that goes straight to the heart.  For this reason, I am grateful to all the devotees who have made this possible and wish that we can meet in spirit at the feet of the Guru.”)

Devotee at altar

Marijana in Texas, who volunteers on the Yogananda Seva administrative team says,

“As a busy working mom, I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to serve Master’s work through Yogananda Seva mission from the convenience of my home. Daily service helps me to feel connected to Guruji’s worldwide spiritual family and, above all, to expand my attunement with Him.

When I first started serving in this way, I was a bit reluctant because I didn’t think I could add another thing to my already busy schedule, but it soon became obvious that when I give my time in service to our beloved Guru, everything somehow falls into place. I am also glad to have an opportunity to be an example to the next generation of devotees – my 8-year-old daughter sees the importance of service and effects of it and loves to help me with it.”

If you agree that guru-seva is a perfect gift to our Guru on his birthday, know that there are a variety of opportunities for you to serve with Yogananda Seva. We’d love to hear from you, and you are welcome to contact us at